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Is the cap of a beer bottle that is uncorked using a bottle opener considered to be manually separable?

The cap of the beer bottle must necessarily be separated from the bottle for the use of the product, to then be disposed of in the correct separate collection according ...
Last modified on 19/11/2021

How do you identify a steel cap with a plastic seal that weighs <5% of the total weight of the cap?

In this case, since the secondary material is <5% of the total weight of the cap, this can be considered as a single material packaging. Therefore it will have FE ...
Last modified on 19/11/2021

How do you identify a cap made of two different plastic materials: LDPE pourer and PP cap?

Packaging structurally composed of two or more polymers are identified with the code “7” since Decision 129/97 / EC does not provide for specific codes for these materials. Anyone wishing ...
Last modified on 19/11/2021

How do you identify a glass bottle that has a non-manually separable plastic anti-topping cap?

Packaging systems that include a main body and other accessory components that cannot be manually separated [1] , must necessarily bear the identification code of the material of the main ...
Last modified on 19/11/2021

Is it correct to say that the corks of wine bottles are not manually separable components while those of sparkling wine are?

No. The corks of wine and sparkling wine bottles are both considered to be manually separable since they must necessarily be separated by the user to consume the product and ...
Last modified on 19/11/2021