Become a Specialist
of environmental labelling

CONAI provides a space to test yourself and become a Specialist in Environmental Labelling of Packaging.

The test is totally free and open to all.

When registering for the examination, you can decide whether to join the list of Environmental Labelling Specialists. If so, you can also choose whether to make your e-mail contact available to companies, who can then refer to you for dedicated advice.

Further useful information:

  • To prepare for the test, it may be useful to consult the material available at
  • Examination sessions will be available every month for one week.
  • The test consists of 30 questions to be answered in 30 minutes and is passed with 70% correct answers.
  • Answers do not save automatically: the test must be submitted within the 30 minutes for the answers given to be considered valid.
  • Passing the test allows you to join the list of Environmental Labelling Specialists, free of charge.
  • It is only possible to take the test once in a session. If you fail the test, you can register for subsequent examination sessions.

Exam Simulation

The simulation does not correspond to the full exam.
It provides for a narrow selection of questions and, unlike the actual exam, is not timed.

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Calendar of available sessions

01 June 2024 >> 07 June 2024