How do you identify a glass bottle that has a non-manually separable plastic anti-topping cap?

Packaging systems that include a main body and other accessory components that cannot be manually separated [1] , must necessarily bear the identification code of the material of the main body, and the indications on collection (which follow the material of the main body).

Where possible, only the identification code of the material can be affixed as per Decision 129/97 / EC also on the components that cannot be separated manually, but, on these, the indication on the collection must not be reported. Therefore, in this case, the glass bottle must be labeled with the code GL 70 or GL 71 or GL 72, depending on the color, and the indications on the collection. The anti-topping cap, on the other hand, as it cannot be separated manually, can optionally be labeled with the relative code (eg LDPE 4).

[1] A component may be separated by hand when the user can separate it completely – without any risk to his health or safety – from the main body, with the sole use of the hands and without the need for additional tools or instruments.

Last modified on 19/11/2021

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