Where to confer a cap consisting of cork/wood and plastic?

In the case of composite packaging consisting mainly of cork/wood with plastic (>5%), it should be noted that Annex VII does not provide identification coding for this type of packaging, so the identification coding for cork/wood packaging is recommended.

Regarding the indications for the delivery of end-of-life packaging, in the case of a cork/wood cap with plastic (>5%), which is not compostable according to UNI EN 13432 and cannot be delivered in the separate collection for organic waste, it is advisable to instruct the consumer to check with his or her municipality how to deliver it properly (which, in the case of a wooden packaging, will be at the ecological island).

If, on the other hand, the cap is predominantly plastic with cork/wood (>5 percent), again Decision 129/97/EC does not provide specific coding for this type of compound, so it is suggested that the identification coding for plastic packaging be adopted and that the cap be placed in the separate collection for packaging made of this material.

Last modified on 04/10/2023

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