CONAI tools
for environmental labelling

On 11th September 2020, it was published in the Official Gazette the legislative decree 3 September 2020, n. 116, which transposes the EU directive 2018/851 on waste, and directive (EU) 2018/852 on packaging and packaging waste. The decree made important changes, introducing the obligation of environmental labelling for all packaging released for consumption in Italy.

In addition, Ministerial Decree No. 360 of 28 September 2022 was published on 21 November 2022, which adopts the Guidelines on Environmental Labelling pursuant to Art. 219, Paragraph 5 of Legislative Decree No. 152 of 3 April 2006, for the correct fulfilment of packaging labelling obligations by responsible parties. The document follows the contents of CONAI’s Guidelines for mandatory environmental labelling of packaging.

To support companies in fulfilling the new obligations, CONAI has developed this platform to provide clarifications, indications and useful information to packaging producers and users.