The Guidelines:
a team effort

The introduction of the new labeling obligation has generated doubts about the correct application of the standard, as well as numerous questions on specific and complex cases.

For this CONAI has decided to develop a tool dedicated to the topic, as well as the “Guidelines for environmental labeling of packaging, with the aim of supporting businesses.

The document is the result of teamwork that CONAI has promoted with a series of discussion tables, in particular with UNI, Confindustria and Federdistribuzione, from which a shared reading of the new obligations was born, giving light to the first draft of the Guideline .

The document was then subjected to a public consultation, following which it was updated and published in a first consolidated version in December 2020. From December onwards, CONAI has periodically updated the Guidelines both in the light of constant dialogue and discussions with companies and associations, and as a result of regulatory changes on the subject.

To further support companies, CONAI then developed this platform, which brings together a series of tools and supporting documents for operators in the sector.

The hope is that these Guidelines and the e-tichetta tool may clarify any doubts over the interpretation of the new regulations and direct companies towards their correct application.

Luca Ruini, President of CONAI

The Message from the Ministry of the Environment

The Ministry of the Environment, in the person of the Director General for the Circular Economy, Eng. Laura D’Aprile, wanted to communicate to CONAI the appreciation for the activity carried out on the subject of environmental labeling of packaging.

Host of the webinar “CONAI responds” on 17th February 2021, the Director D’Aprile underlined how the Guidelines, drawn up and promoted with the significant collaboration of the business and territorial associations, constitute a technical reference for the players in the supply chain called to do their part to the achievement of the circular economy objectives, also with the environmental labeling of their packaging.

“We note with satisfaction the prompt and efficient activity carried out by CONAI to support the full implementation of the Community provisions on the labeling of packaging, aimed at facilitating the collection, reuse, recovery and recycling of the same, while providing consumers information about the final destination.

The CONAI Guidelines, in systematizing the technical regulations and the existing operational indications on the subject of environmental labeling, constitute a fundamental reference for producers, users and final consumers who, together with the constant updating of illustrative examples and FAQs, with the contribution of all operators in the sector, will make it possible to give a significant boost to the achievement of recycling objectives and, more generally, to the efficient use of resources. “

Laura D’Aprile, General Director for the Circular Economy of the Ministry of the Environment