The Guidelines:
a team effort

The introduction of the new labeling obligation has generated doubts about the correct application of the standard, as well as numerous questions on specific and complex cases.

This is why CONAI decided to develop a dedicated tool on the subject, as well as the “Guidelines on EnvironmentalLabeling of Packaging, precisely with the aim of supporting businesses.

The document is the result of a team effort and one that CONAI has promoted through a series of discussion tables, particularly with UNI, Confindustria and Federdistribution, from which a shared reading of the new obligations emerged, giving light to the first draft of the Guideline, which was then submitted for public consultation.

The Guidelines adopted by the Ministry of Environment and Energy Security in Ministerial Decree no. 360 dated September 28, 2022, traces the contents of CONAI’s Guidelines for Mandatory Environmental Labeling of Packaging.

The hope is that this Guideline, together with the e-tag tool, can offer, on the one hand, answers to interpretative doubts on the new regulatory dictate, and on the other, address the correct application of the same.

Luca Ruini, President of CONAI

The guidelines are the result of the work of the technical group initiated by CONAI, which for more than a year, in agreement with the Ministry, has collected the needs of all production sectors and provided support for the implementation of a regulation whose primary objective is to improve the quality of the separate collection of packaging and increase consumer awareness of the final fate of such waste.”
Ministry of Environment and Energy Security