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How to identify packaging made of plastic, paper and steel?

A package made up in this way is a compound package. To identify the material, the C / prevailing material + number associated with the plastic, paper and steel coupling ...
Last modified on 24/11/2021

How to label an aluminum aerosol can, equipped with a plastic (PP) dispenser that cannot be separated manually, and a plastic cap (HDPE)?

It must obligatorily include: The identification coding of the material as per Decision 129/97 / EC, of the main body, ie of the aerosol can, ie ALU 41;The identification code ...
Last modified on 21/11/2021

How do you identify a steel cap with a plastic seal that weighs <5% of the total weight of the cap?

In this case, since the secondary material is <5% of the total weight of the cap, this can be considered as a single material packaging. Therefore it will have FE ...
Last modified on 19/11/2021

Can the word “metals” be used in place of steel and aluminum?

The text of the law explicitly indicates that all packaging (B2B and B2C) bears the identification of the materials by decision 129/97 / EC. Packaging intended for final consumers must ...
Last modified on 19/11/2021

What is the Annex of Decision 129/97 / EC on the identification of metal packaging?

Annex III of Decision 129/97 / EC ...
Last modified on 19/11/2021

Must environmental labels follow colour codes?

Regarding design and colour, there are no mandatory provisions to be followed. For coloured environmental labels, in order to provide citizens with consistent, standardised indications, CONAI suggests basing the colours ...
Last modified on 19/11/2021

Is the producer bound by a specific graphic design for its environmental labels?

The graphic designer is free to choose the style, shape and colours of the environmental label: the regulations don’t specify these aspects, but they do recommend that packaging be appropriately ...
Last modified on 21/11/2021

Can the symbol represented by three arrows in the shape of a triangle, containing an alphanumeric code as per Decision 97/129/EC, or another such symbol be used as to identify the packaging material?

Over the years, the identification of packaging material – not a legal requirement before 26 September 2020 – has been widely adopted by companies, in the different manners laid down ...
Last modified on 15/09/2022