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Is there a mandatory minimum font size to use to indicate environmental labeling information?

Those who deal with the graphics and form of environmental labeling have freedom of choice on the graphic style, shape and colors of environmental labeling, in fact the standard does ...
Last modified on 23/11/2021

Is it possible to replace the logo print by applying an adhesive label?

Environmental labeling can be affixed / printed / imprinted directly on the packaging, or the information can be reported on a label affixed to the packaging . ...
Last modified on 19/11/2021

Is it possible to use an asterisk that refers to another area of the label where part of the information is reported?

The standard requires all packaging to be suitably and adequately labeled. This means that the label can be presented in the form and in the ways that the company deems ...
Last modified on 19/11/2021

Must the environmental label have a minimum size?

From the point of view of design, there are no mandatory provisions to be followed. However, in addition to being clear, not misleading and easy to understand by any consumer, ...
Last modified on 19/11/2021

Must environmental labels follow colour codes?

Regarding design and colour, there are no mandatory provisions to be followed. For coloured environmental labels, in order to provide citizens with consistent, standardised indications, CONAI suggests basing the colours ...
Last modified on 19/11/2021

Should the environmental label include the pictogram of a man throwing the packaging into a bin?

This pictogram is an invitation not to release the packaging to the environment. Its design has not been laid down by law, but the lawmakers have requested the use of ...
Last modified on 21/11/2021

Is the producer bound by a specific graphic design for its environmental labels?

The graphic designer is free to choose the style, shape and colours of the environmental label: the regulations don’t specify these aspects, but they do recommend that packaging be appropriately ...
Last modified on 21/11/2021

Can the symbol represented by three arrows in the shape of a triangle, containing an alphanumeric code as per Decision 97/129/EC, or another such symbol be used as to identify the packaging material?

Over the years, the identification of packaging material – not a legal requirement before 26 September 2020 – has been widely adopted by companies, in the different manners laid down ...
Last modified on 15/09/2022

Does the content of the environmental label need to be printed directly on the packaging or can it be placed on a medium (e.g. a separate label)?

The content of the environmental label may be applied/printed/embossed directly on the packaging or placed on a separate medium if this is made possible by the packaging system in question. ...
Last modified on 21/11/2021