What is the scope of the environmental labelling requirement?

The environmental labelling requirement relates to packaging, i.e.: “products, composed of materials of any nature, used to contain certain goods, from raw materials to finished products, to protect them, to allow their manipulation and their delivery from the producer to the consumer or user, to ensure their presentation, as well as disposable items used for the same purpose “.

Products other than packaging do not require an environmental label. For example, sausage casings, letter envelopes, cutlery are not packaging and do not fall under the aforementioned obligation.

To find out what packaging is and what is not, please refer to the CONAI website: https://www.conai.org/imprese/cosa-e-imballaggio/

Allo stato attuale su tutti gli imballaggi immessi al consumo in Italia vige l’obbligo dell’etichettatura ambientale. Sono esclusi gli imballaggi per la vendita dei farmaci e dei dispositivi medici, e l’etichetta energetica degli pneumatici e delle apparecchiature elettriche ed elettroniche.

The Ministry of Ecological Transition clarified through a note issued on 17 May 2021 that packaging destined for third countries (which must comply with the specific regulations of the country of destination) are excluded from the labeling obligation. Packaging destined for third countries, in all pre-export logistics, must therefore be accompanied by suitable documentation certifying its destination, or by transport documents and / or technical sheets showing the composition information.

Last modified on 20/02/2023

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