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If the packaging already includes printed alphanumeric coding, does the information also need to be provided via transport documents (or digital channels)?

No, if the information is on the packaging, it does not need to be on the documents (or through digital channels) as well. ...
Last modified on 04/10/2023

Can users of C&I circuit packaging transfer to their customers the same documents they received from their suppliers?

Yes, they can use the same or other documents, or choose another mode from those provided. ...
Last modified on 04/10/2023

If a user sells packaged goods under C&I, is he obliged to provide the environmental labeling information of the packaging he sells to his customer?

Yes, it is obligated, and it can do so in one of the ways provided for C&I packaging. ...
Last modified on 04/10/2023

Is there any guidance on how to report environmental labeling information for packaging destined for the C&I channel on transport documents?

No, there is no formal indication of how this information should be transmitted. ...
Last modified on 04/10/2023

Are the flexible films used to wrap the pallets considered packaging? If so, where should the environmental label be applied?

Neutral packaging means unprinted packaging that does not include graphics or the affixing of any symbols and information, and which are sold as such to customers by the manufacturers. The ...
Last modified on 19/11/2021