Some companies may exceptionally find themselves in temporary situations where the production process of the same packaging may involve the use of different materials/polymers. This may occur, for example, in situations where the company pursues material or polymer changeover projects for packaging redesign (e.g., to encourage greater recyclability), or if it finds itself switching to another material/polymer when raw materials are unavailable in the market. In these cases, it would be very complicated and costly to change the graphics of the packaging, and thus the information from environmental labeling. How should one act in such cases so as not to risk conveying incorrect information to the customer/end consumer?

It is recommended, in cases such as these, to use digital channels to illustrate the particular situation to customers and/or the end consumer, and to properly inform them about the possible alternatives of materials/polymers of packaging composition and the proper disposal of the same.

Last modified on 04/10/2023

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