Is adhesive tape considered packaging?

The adhesive tape, if sold to the final consumer, is not considered packaging (the core of the adhesive tape is always packaging instead). In that case, therefore, environmental labeling must be provided for the core of the adhesive tape.

If the adhesive tape is instead supplied to a company that will use it to package products, it is considered packaging and must therefore include environmental labeling both the core and the adhesive tape.

If the adhesive tape can be manually separated from the main body, it must necessarily carry the alphanumeric code as per Decision 129/97 / EC and the indications on collection (if the pack is intended for the final consumer).

The environmental labels (at least the alphanumeric coding as per Decision 129/97/EC) of the different manually separable components that make up the sales unit should be affixed to each component.

Where this is not possible, they may be affixed either to the main body of the packaging, or to another label or any other component that makes the information easily visible to the end consumer.

In the clarification note sent by the Ministry of Ecological Transition on May 17, 2021, it is made clear that for neutral packaging in general, with particular reference to transport packaging and / or possible semi-finished products , given the critical issues encountered by operators, both economically and structurally, in meeting this obligation, it is necessary to consider a possible alternative to the traditional labeling to be affixed to the packaging itself. Therefore, for these packaging, which are mostly part of the B2B channel, the identification of the packaging material can be conveyed and communicated by the manufacturer on the transport documents accompanying the goods, or on other external media, including digital ones.

Last modified on 19/11/2021

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