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How should a fiberglass-reinforced paper tape be labeled?

A paper adhesive tape treated with glass fiber, it is identified as PAP 22. It can be delivered to separate paper collection if the percentage of paper is more than ...
Last modified on 04/10/2023

Which items are not packaging and therefore are not subject to the obligation of environmental labeling?

Some of the items that are not packaging are: StrawsCases for playing cardsPencils (both for writing / drawing and for make-up)Caps of pens / pencilsSticks for home fragrancesMetal seal attached ...
Last modified on 04/10/2023

Is adhesive tape considered packaging?

The adhesive tape, if sold to the final consumer, is not considered packaging (the core of the adhesive tape is always packaging instead). In that case, therefore, environmental labeling must ...
Last modified on 19/11/2021