If a package is intended for both the Italian and European markets, is it possible to indicate “follow the rules of the municipality”? If so, in what language?

The obligation is in force for packaging released for consumption on the national territory, therefore the information must be reported in Italian, in order to be understandable by all.

Furthermore, it should be noted that the indications on the separate collection of packaging applicable in Italy may not be valid for other countries.

The Ministry of Ecological Transition clarified through a note issued on 17 May 2021 that packaging destined for other countries (which must comply with the specific regulations of the country of destination) are excluded from the labeling obligation. Packaging destined abroad, in all pre-export logistics, must therefore be accompanied by suitable documentation certifying its destination, or by transport documents and / or technical sheets that contain the composition information.

Packaging intended for B2B, must necessarily report, for each manually separable component, the coding of the composition materials in accordance with Decision 129/97 / EC. All other information, including those relating to separate collection, are voluntarily applicable.

Packaging intended for B2C, on the other hand, must show, for each manually separable component:

– The identification code of the packaging material according to Decision 129/97 / EC

– Information on the collection. It is suggested to indicate the formula “Collection (material family)” or to clarify the family of material accompanied by the item “Separate collection”, and to invite the consumer to check the provisions of their municipality.

All other additional information is voluntarily applicable.

Last modified on 19/11/2021

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