How to label a glass bottle of oil or liqueur, equipped with a plastic (PP) pourer that cannot be manually separated from the bottle, a paper label attached to the bottle, and a steel cap?

This packaging system must necessarily include:

  • The identification coding of the material as per Decision 129/97 / EC, ie of the glass bottle, ie GL 70;
  • The identification code of the material as per Decision 129/97 / EC of the steel cap, manually separable from the main body, ie FE 40;
  • The indications on the collection of the glass bottle (eg. Glass collection ) and the steel cap (eg. Steel collection ).

Optionally, the alphanumeric code as per Decision 129/97 / EC, i.e. PP 5, can also be printed on the plastic pourer.

Last modified on 21/11/2021

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