How to behave in the case of packaging consisting of 50% paper and 50% plastic?

With the same composition material of a packaging, the principle that is applied is to verify case by case, for which of the two packaging materials the CONAI Environmental Contribution is applied, according to which it can therefore be labeled, and therefore managed in that specific flow.

If the material for which the CONAI Environmental Contribution is paid is paper, it should be noted that the paper-based composite packaging (and / or with components of different materials that cannot be separated manually) with a percentage of the cellulose fraction lower than 60% of the total weight of the pack à Instruct the consumer to deliver the packaging in undifferentiated collection .

In fact, it should be noted that the packaging thus constituted, which to date are not recyclable, if transferred to separate collection and managed in the recycling flow of paper packaging, would significantly affect the generation of waste in the recycling process, even implying a greater impact environmental and increased management difficulties, also to the detriment of the overall quality of the secondary raw material generated by the recycling process.

Last modified on 19/11/2021