How are textile fibers identified?

> If the textile fiber consists of a polymer that is also used for other purposes besides the production of fibers, such as polyester or polypropylene, please refer to Annex I of Decision 129/97 / EC relating to plastic packaging : https://www.abel-conai.com/documenti/decisione-129-97-ce/ . In this case, the packaging can be disposed of in separate collection for plastic packaging.

> If the fiber is made of textile material, please refer to Annex V of Decision 129/97 / EC.

For textile materials not included in this table, and therefore different from “cotton” and “jute”, it is considered appropriate to use the TEX 62 code, that is to say the first available numbering which does not identify any material.

These packaging are not part of the domestic separate collection circuit, but refer to dedicated collection circuits. Therefore, it is good to indicate with the code, the material in full “fabric” and the invitation to the consumer to check the provisions of their municipality.

Last modified on 24/11/2021