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For its household products, Bolsius has chosen the environmental labeling service offered by the Junker app: by reading the barcode of individual products, the app shows the product sheet with ...
Last modified on 08/09/2022

Verolene Srl

BAGS FOR SEPARATE WASTE COLLECTION The company has adopted an exhaustive and understandable infographic for the bags intended for the undifferentiated fraction, using icons and colors that allow an immediate ...
Last modified on 19/11/2021

Mc Srl

FIRE TRUCK The product has a corrugated cardboard box with a plastic window, which can be removed manually. ...
Last modified on 18/11/2021


OVS, UPIM, BLUKIDS, IANA ETC. A QRCODE “differentiate the waste, separate the waste” has been printed on all the product tags, packaging and accessories supplementary to the packaging, which refers ...
Last modified on 18/11/2021


100% ITALIAN COOP TOMATO SAUCE – LA DENSA On a consumer product such as tomato puree, packaged in a glass bottle and tinplate closure, a reinterpretation of the label graphics ...
Last modified on 18/11/2021