Where to deliver the packaging containing dangerous products?

Where the manufacturer / supplier of the chemical product reports the sentence P501 on the label, it is believed that the latter, if it also refers to the packaging, can also be considered valid to satisfy the indications for collection provided for by the environmental labeling of packaging intended for final consumers (without prejudice to the need to report the identification code of the packaging material according to Decision 129/97 / EC and the indications on the family of material).

Examples of P501 phrases to be placed on the label, both under the CLP Regulation and under the environmental labeling, could be:

  1. “Dispose of container in accordance with local regulations”
  2. “Dispose of contents and / or container in accordance with local regulations”.

In any case, it is appropriate to indicate to the consumer to give the packaging nominally empty [1] .

[1] Nominally empty means that “The contents of the product have been effectively removed. Removal can be done by drainage or scraping. The fact that there are minimal residues of content in packaging waste does not exclude the possibility of classifying this waste as ‘nominally empty’ and does not prohibit its allocation to subchapter 15 01 packaging waste. A package can be considered completely emptied if in the event of a further attempt to empty it, for example as a result of its overturning, there are no more drops or solid residues “

Last modified on 19/11/2021

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