Is encoding 7 or 07 correct? Can the code be entered in the symbol represented by three arrows in the shape of a triangle?

Polymers other than those specified in Decision 129/97/EC have all been identified with the code “7”.

Over the years, the identification of packaging material – not a legal requirement before 26 September 2020 – has been widely adopted by companies, in the different manners laid down by various rules and regulations. Plastic packaging composed of one or more polymers not foreseen by Decision 129/97 / EC, have often been identified with “7” or “07” other, sometimes placed inside the three arrows that form a triangle.

Although these approaches have become real practices in the market for the identification of these packaging materials, on the basis of what is clearly indicated by the standard, it is advisable to identify the packaging materials by adopting this decision and the applicable UNI standards.

Last modified on 19/11/2021