If a paper cup has consistent organic residues, is it mandatory to clean it before placing it in the separate collection?

In general, all packaging can be disposed of in separate collection only if emptied of the substantial residues of their content. This applies as a basic rule for a correct separate collection that citizens are required to do. Therefore a cup, if emptied of its contents, can be disposed of in separate collection. It is therefore highly recommended to instruct the consumer to dispose of the packaging in the separate collection only if emptied of substantial residues of content, and to always check the provisions of their municipality.

It is advisable, in cases where the packaging is used in the food sector and in particular is destined to present consistent organic residues after its use, to design it so that it can be compostable in accordance with UNI EN 13432 and disposable in the separate collection for organic waste. .

Last modified on 19/11/2021

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