How to deal with packaging composed of 50% plastic and 50% non-packaging material (e.g., rubber, latex,…)?

Given the same material composition of a packaging, the principle that is applied is to check on a case-by-case basis, whether one of the materials that make up the packaging has the CONAI Environmental Contribution applied to it, according to which it can be labeled, and thus managed in that specific stream.

If the CONAI Environmental Contribution is applied to plastic, please refer to Annex I of Decision 129/97/EC on plastic packaging: https://www.etichetta-conai.com/documenti/decisione-129-97-ce/. Such packaging is returnable in the separate collection for plastic packaging.

Otherwise, if the CONAI Environmental Contribution is therefore not applied, since latex/rubber is not among the packaging materials counted in Decision 129/97/EC, no identification coding is provided for packaging made of this material.

Last modified on 04/10/2023