How should a package printed with UV inks be delivered?

In the case of packaging made with one of the packaging materials (steel, aluminum, paper, wood, plastic, glass), coupled or treated with another material, other than packaging (e.g. glues, adhesives, inks), it is always to be considered single material and should be collected in the differentiated collection of reference.

All packaging can be disposed of in separate collection, whether recyclable or not in the state of current technologies, without prejudice to the good rules for quality separate collection (for example, always empty the packaging of its contents, reduce its volume when possible ). Thanks to the CONAI – Supply Chain Consortia system, the packaging that can be sent and used for recycling will follow that specific flow; the others will be used in any case for energy recovery.

An evaluation of the packaging’s recyclability is one of the additional pieces of information that a company may choose to display on the packaging, but this is independent of the information regarding the correct disposal of the packaging.

Last modified on 19/11/2021

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