A. MENARINI Diagnostics


Glucoject Dual PLUS is a multipurpose medical device for taking capillary blood to be used in the context of self-monitoring of blood glucose in the home.
The environmental labeling of the packaging was designed according to the B2C channel and the following indications were therefore provided for the final consumer:
– The type of packaging materials used on the basis of Commission Decision 97/129 / EC;
– Indications for correct information to final consumers on the final destination of packaging.
The configuration of the Glucoject Dual PLUS Medical Device includes: the Medical Device contained inside an envelope, a commercial package and the Instructions for Use.
For each package its image is presented with the symbology that identifies the type of material. The indications for the correct disposal of each packaging are given in a table in the instructions for use, also identified on the basis of Commission Decision 97/129 / EC.

Commodity Sectors