What coding should be used for a plastic and aluminum poly-bonded package in which the predominant material is a polymer not listed in the Annex of Decision 129/97/EC or even in the UNI 1043-1 technical standard?

For such constituted packaging, there is currently no coding for material identification, as neither Decision 129/97/EC nor UNI 1043-1 provides an abbreviation for the polymer that constitutes the predominant part by weight of the packaging. This information, in fact, is essential for material identification purposes, since for composite packaging there is a C/abbreviation coding of the prevailing material and number associated with the coupling (from Decision 129/97/EC).

In this case, therefore, the following generic formula is suggested: C/Other and associated coupling abbreviation.

For example, a package consisting mainly of a polymer not recalled in UNI 1043-1 and aluminum may be labeled with: C/Other 90.

Last modified on 04/10/2023

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