How to label a supplement blister?

All packaging released for consumption in Italy is subject to the obligation of labeling.

Packaging intended for B2B must obligatorily re-code the composition materials in accordance with Decision 129/97 / EC. All other information is voluntarily applicable.

With regard to packaging intended for B2C, however, pursuant to art. 219 paragraph 5, they must submit:

  1. The packaging material’s identification code under Decision 129/97/EC
  2. Collection guidelines. We suggest using the wording “(Material family) collection” and inviting the consumer to check their local municipal guidelines.

All other additional information is voluntarily applicable.

It should be noted that the environmental labeling can be affixed / printed / imprinted directly on the packaging, or on a support if it is provided in the packaging system.

Last modified on 24/11/2021

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